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Rail De Afsar Chahgya

Ah jee. Today was a good day. Munda’s general store is going to be a supermarket soon and then maybe a chain when I retire. Munishter has finally told me that the game is on. I said how is he going to do all of that after so many public statements against corruption. Pir kehta hai, “I can get away with saying I got 250 million through prize bond. Ai tho koi gaal hi nahi hai”. I say what about Jeeda. He say he is a kamzor gujar. No problem.

He is genus, I mean genius. Now the trick is find Madhuri Jaffrey. No not the actress, the mega tekadar. Jaafrey is one of a kind. He took so many mechanics to Germany and France for joyrides. Even me once. He has great style. Only problem is that he has a big mouth and tells everyone. He has a lot of money to spend though. He works for all the Cheeni Peenis. Have to ask his pukka yaar, anjum to find him.

God willing, the government has been convinced to but the locomotives. We have been saying for long time that we need them and finally we will get them. There are billions to be made and jaafrey is ready to play Dulla. He is a Dulla basically. Did I miss that ?
More later. Too many meetings today. Dimagh fry hogya.


Rail De Afsar de waapsi ..

Ahhhh it was a long chuti. Finally I am back. I was lucky to get chuti before Khwaja sahib, but he still called me back, the Kashmiri badmaash. But it is ok. I got Canadian citizenship. It took one year and munda got his general store up and running. Excuse me. My writing has been very little.

It’s great to be back. Jeeda is now GM. Allah ka shukar hai. All the gand shand is away. Khawaja is a good guy. He plays a good game and talks just like me when I was that age. He even stutters too like munda.

He is saying they are going to get me a good post. Allah ka shukar hai. Sabar ka pal mitha hay. I know they are playing to buy more locomotives and stuff and they need me to help them. Akhir kar, it was me who did all those lovely deals. Khawaja sahib wants to do some more.

Inshallah, after I get full report I will be talking more about how good things are in PR. In the meantime my angrezi will improve. My sardari friend in Toronto made me speak Punjabi all day. Now I am getting better ..

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