Really Big Rats ..

Why do we have such fat rats ? Is it something they find to eat that that other rats don’t? Or maybe because I don’t get to see many rats that often … They are really huge. Some bigger than your average house cat. In fact, on more than one occasion I’ve seen cats keep their distance. With their menacing claws and sharp teeth and most of all, great teamwork, a well fed (which they usually are) Railway rat can make short work of an average cat.

Which brings you to the next logical question: why aren’t Railway cats so fat? The reason is that these particularly obese rats get a lot of food. It is something in their nature, habits and their absolute willingness to do anything to get more food. So much so that it’s always enough to get a family of rats fat. It’s therefore a refinement of the survival instinct. When you don’t get enough food you wither and die.

Railways likes rats, as most government departments do. They survive, adapt, prosper and most importantly die fat. It’s difficult to argue with that logic in an age of hunger. It’s another matter when the plague hits you and nothing gets left behind, the first to go being the big fat rats.


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  1. Prof.Venugopal

    Really good one, but a different one from your usual ideas and the style.

    • Mood par depend karta hai professor sahib. I’m a thin rat these days so I find glee in making fun of fat ones ..

  2. Do we pray for the plague then?!!
    But then it will also eliminate the thin and FAT cats too.
    It’s been established through research that taking a germicidal like NASWAR renders even a FAT CAT immune to the plague – what to talk of rats!!

    • Faqira!, you have such untested theories … if naswar worked then we wouldn’t have had a pathan, plague ridden thereby mentally incapacitated Munishter MEGA RAT !

  3. Proves my theory right!! He’s immune & getting fatter – courtesy NASWAR!!
    What to taalk aaf hiza damukaratik anda kaanstitushnal ammuniti ala the Mujavir of Mooltan!!

  4. You and your theories Faqira ..

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