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Manhoos American Jew !

Munishter sahib has done it again. Thereby proving his enemies .. they are so many .. wrong. He did what nobody had the courage to do because of being sychophant poodles. He defended the honor of Pakiland by putting up head money for that manhoos american jew ! He’s right when he says that he had no choice just like the Taliban have no choice is killing all his party members and putting head money on his brother. We can only dream of being so wise.
Just imagine. If Munishter sahib had been given free hand to fix Railways how easy it would have been. But nobody let him, and nobody let us help him. Zulm !
I have been very busy these days. NAB SHAB is all over the place. Even Vigilance is after us. Pssst .. DG sahib and me have tea every evening .. don’t tell anyone … So I got all the files from EVERYWHERE and went through them. This is the faida of senior positions. I took all the evidence that could be unjustly and unjustifiably used against me. My other collegaues said it’s a waste of time, that I should be a sher ka bacha. I said what’s the point of being a sher when you’ve been a keedhar all your life ? Then they are not talking to me. I persuaded them with some kala marka. Now they say I’m ok and in their good books again.
I have always been saying what Munishter sahib has been saying. Give PR money and everything will be fine. It’s been working for us the last 30-40 years. Why not now ? Bara zyadati hai. Just when he comes they decide to change the policy. It’s not his fault alone that our locomotives are bad and not working. That every procurement is a NAB case which is traced to his crony.
Aur we have to be doubly careful too. Munishter sahib has NAB in his pocket. Abhi tak nobody has even taken his name ! Just imagine if anyone biggywig gets in his bad books what he can do with him ? So we all have to be very careful with Munishter sahib or he will unfairly target our millions stashed away gotten by saving Rs. 5000 per month from our measly salaries. Itna khatarnak baat hai .. log kya kahengai ?
Anyway, Munishter sahib has such excellent people with him. All you need is a little stuff here and there and then any work is possible. Personally, I prefer to send some kala marka and leave Rail de 2 number chota afsar to do the even dirtier work of (censored). Junior is developing into a great afsar. He has all that it takes to be great at what I do. Even now he is surpassing me in doing things that even I wouldn’t do. A sign that he is getting better than his teacher. He is doing some stuff which I tell him not to as it’s too dirty (censored). He says that is that reason I retarded my growth. Chalo we’ll see.
Rail is going to become thaba aur barbaad soon. But I’ve already made arrangements. I’ll talk about that soon. First more files to look at !


Really Big Rats ..

Why do we have such fat rats ? Is it something they find to eat that that other rats don’t? Or maybe because I don’t get to see many rats that often … They are really huge. Some bigger than your average house cat. In fact, on more than one occasion I’ve seen cats keep their distance. With their menacing claws and sharp teeth and most of all, great teamwork, a well fed (which they usually are) Railway rat can make short work of an average cat.

Which brings you to the next logical question: why aren’t Railway cats so fat? The reason is that these particularly obese rats get a lot of food. It is something in their nature, habits and their absolute willingness to do anything to get more food. So much so that it’s always enough to get a family of rats fat. It’s therefore a refinement of the survival instinct. When you don’t get enough food you wither and die.

Railways likes rats, as most government departments do. They survive, adapt, prosper and most importantly die fat. It’s difficult to argue with that logic in an age of hunger. It’s another matter when the plague hits you and nothing gets left behind, the first to go being the big fat rats.

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