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Railways ke khilaaf Mohim ..

Beware all Rail de Afsars! There is a great conspiracy against our beloved PR. Media people are leading it and misleading the poor, ignorant masses of the true state of affairs. We must unite to counter their nefarious designs !

They take non-issues and blow them out of proportion. They are targeting our non-issues such as trains timing and electricity supply (As if all the other stuff wasn’t sufficient!). I mean what’s the big deal? They say Khyber Mail reached in 3.5 days? So what? I mean only those people go in trains who aren’t in a hurry. If they really cared about time they would go by air, so, so what if they took a day or two extra?

It’s such negativity that has destroyed PR and this country in general. Then it’s the AC problem. Yar it usually runs most of the time and if it doesn’t run for a couple of hours or dats tho kirki kol de? Fresh air is good for health anyway, and my doctor says sitting in AC all the time has given me developing arthritis, so it’s good to have fresh, warm air over your body.

And that stupid loco loss thing. Yar the damn train still gets you there ! We have such a whining, complaining nation. It’s no wonder nothing ever gets done. We’re just complaining, complaining, complaining ..

And it’s not PR fault either. Every deal we do is challenged in courts. Now we’re buying 75 Locos but court doesn’t let us saying that the previous 69 don’t work so why are we buying them again. Yar are they bloody engineers !! Who is a judge to tell us which loco works and doesn’t work. We know damn well which loco doesn’t work all the time with massive failure rates. Do we need him to tell us the obvious? Kya banega is qom ka …

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