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Rail de Zulm !

Zulm ka intiha! Tyranny doesn’t last forever! … My pyarae seniors, all languishing in some dark, hot, squalid cell. For no fault of their own. All they did was do what they were told. I mean isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? To not question and comply? To listen to munister sahib as he is .. uhhh … ummm… uhhh our in-incharge-of-everything? I mean, how did we know that we would get stuck like this when he told us to sign? He would have got us transferred and then we’d lose our monthlies and munna and begum would be in trouble. Career kharab ho jata. Bas this is life for the bureaucrat. I told (junior) that this is the gamble of gormiment service. Golden rule: follow the orders of the political executive and pray a bad day doesn’t come.

You see it isn’t the job of the bureaucrat to bring change and reform. That is the job of the poor political worker who will be shot, beaten, humiliated, tortured and jailed. We can’t bear any of that can we? I know, we will at the most transferred but that doesn’t mean we should take a stand if the awaam of this country is beghairat to stand up to corrupt politicians and not elect them again and again ? Saraa zimadaari mein nahi lesaktaa. Let others fix this country, pir dektae hain.

Aur doosra museebat. Nobody is saying anything to munister! Beghairat NAB! I mean, he took everything, we signed, and now we have to go to jail. That’s why I asked he’s a sher when not signing but a chooha when asked to sign.

Bas these are bad days. Pray to the Almighty that he shortens these bad days and bring ones of plenty and no-worry. These so-called honest officers can gloat for now and call us cowardly, sycophant and submissive. This country will always value us. We are needed and may our tribe flourish !

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