Poor, Poor General Motors Sahib ..

Boooo Hoooo Boooo Hooooo … sniffle sniffle, barghhhhhhhh (blowing nose). It is sad sad sad day for beloved PR. Our General Motors Sahib is taking dandas in some damp cell in Lahore. He is such a nice, good man. Saada, seedha .. never took … ahem .. (nobody can judge another you know). But yar, he didn’t do anything. He just listened to Ardar ! And we Railway walas take our Arders very seriously, just like faujis (Railways was modeled on Army you know). And how can he blamed if he just listened to Arders ? I mean, this was the same argument by the Nazi in Nuremberg trials in WW II, and it worked well ? didn’t it ? … Oh no .. I forgot they were all hanged .. but never mind. That’s beside the point. This is Pakistan ! OK ?! .. ye kitabee baate yahan nahin chalta .. We are pragmatic, realistic, go with the times, cautious, no point to resist, it’s the way it’s always been etc, etc.

This brings me to the general conspiracy in PR these days. I know who is doing all this. The ever so honest people. I want to tell them their honesty is hypocritical. Don’t they know that they can’t keep railway servants, use fuel in their cars for non-official works? They do this and they call themselves not corrupt ! It’s so shameful while they condemn General Motors for corruption like scrap shap they do EXACTLY the same stuff. It’s such hypocrisy !

I’m sorry for getting so emotional but it’s too much. Just imagine what the wife and kids are going through. I mean, we manage to keep all these ugly things in life from them so they can live with a clean conscience. Now all of them will know how their fees and jewelry money is made. They will be condemned by their families and friends (even though they knew all this from before). It’s so shameful. Itni si baat thee, and now look.

And all this cinema wala did. Now I’m going to be more careful. Every time he just phones and says do this or that, but now I’m going to say he should give it in writing. He acts like badmaash but forgets badmaashi when it comes to giving orders in writing. I used to give same advise to General Motors Sahib, lekin usko samaj nahin aya.

Aaj boray din, lekin ye bhi guzar jainge ..


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  1. Highly interesting yaar! I feel pity for the sahib!

  2. Yaar RDA you saleeping on the trak? No train no bijniss to disturab yur salleep!!
    Take rasht take rasht no pareshani to chalao d train. Cinema walla very happy with khari train bcoz he can do whatever he wonts from the guvermint vich has no money for his unjans!! So he can say i will sale d sacrap to buy d unjans!!
    Genius he is in bijness as you said. He shud be the Finance Munashter so he can fill tijoris of the Pakistan – and some of his aalso!! Then Muna can get married …….. Sorry about this Munna thingee he alwayz come into our discushun!
    Gud luk to CW!!
    There is another Luk in d Nuuj aajkal!
    Jeay Bhutoo!!

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