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Faqira de paarperganda ..

Faqira sharm karo ! App ne humarae Munishtar par ghalat ilzaam lagaya ! … I have to defend our beloved Munishtar ..

Look. This is what he has said everyone!

“al de driveran de sutrik ne kuj Rail de over worked afsaran nu resht dita! Vecharaian nu kum tun fursat naeen labdee.
Ay te puchna pae ga k diveraan ne Cinema wallay nu kinay pehe dittay kum karan waastay. Rail nu te lakhan de thuk lug gaee per chalo CW da te kum bun gaya!
P.S Yaar tuun maire cumments kuun uda chadna ay?

Cinemawalla apnay matbal da banda phair wapis le aya ay – is wari thekay te!!
Huun chal so chal!! Sukrap de khair naeen!
Lutto te phutto!
Jeay Bhutto!!”

See his sarcasm na ? He calls our Munishtar corrupt and other stuff. Itna acha aadmi, itna acha .. ke main kya batao. Its because of him ke munna to shadi abhi asaani se .. Na forget about that stuff. Gar ki baate hai.

I am used to such sarcasm Faqira. Ever since I bought a new car after using my cycle to come to work after joining Railways, I had to adapt to the sarcastic cynicism of others. You know, you learn to survive in such an environment. They always think low of you, but you know they are actually jealous. They want to be like me with all the things I have but they don’t have the guts. What fault is it of mine eh ? I mean I sacrifice so much by doing what’s necessary. Always do as I am told, do fatigey and stuff. If they do it they can get stuff done too. If they can’t what fault is it mine ? I have suffered a lot because of their snide remarks. Lekin himat nahin haarta. I keep going on in my ways because it is the best way and the only way.

That is why Munishtar sahb needs defending. How do you know about his credentials? Hain ? So what if he had a cinema ? Haq Halak ka kamahi hai. And I know ke kabhi kabhi wo films chalte the, but so what? Do you know how big an industry it is internationally? His cinemas filled a niche in the market. He is practically anparh and can barely be understood but look at his business acumen. He’s a natural genius by his awareness of the market and the preferences of the semi-barbaric afghans populating his city, and knowing they can’t understand English ‘stuff’ and therefore dubbed films in pushto. (Bless his soul. I always say that to his face. Its because of him ke munna .. oh I’ve already talked about that).

And I know you are referring to General Motors Sahib … (we call him that because he always buys the right locomotives. He’s going for General Motors these days. Apt na ?. Ping Pong sahib wouldn’t be bad either if he went for China ka maal) … He’s such a great guy. You must get to know him. He ALWAYS does as he is told. Munishtar sahib calls him his little black poodle. He says it so lovingly. I wish Munishtar sahib gives me such a nickname too. Sigh .. I am trying my best Faqira. You see it takes a lot of Yes Sirs to get the affections of Munishtar Sahib.

Yahin Asool hai Faqira and the sooner you know it the better. He is such a BRILLIANT OFFICER that how could PR even think, even the thought he could not become General Motors Sahib? He is the magician of all magicians, the best of them all, the corru .. I mean the cleanest of all. He’s our model and what we all want to become. God willing, my turn is coming soon and you will hear good news Faqira that PR will be soon be crippled beyond repair, I mean sorry (pata nahin why that happens), redeemed forever, once I take over from General Motor Sahib.

So you see this is PR. Join the ship. I mean not the sinking one. Reserve a place on the rescue chota wala one. Because you’ll be left Faqira, while we will be sailing into the glorious sunset with a bright future post 60, while you’ll be thinking what good a friend you had in me but didn’t listen to.


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