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Corruption rail de thariqa

It has been a long time. I had to do sifarish for new posting. You know, when promotion time comes lots of money, dinners and connections have to be made. Mainly because in difficult times people like me don’t get promoted for silly, unfair reasons. So I have to work very hard.

And this brings me to the criticism we Rail officers have to face which has no justification. You know all this ‘corruption’ rubbish. I just don’t understand. Sirf railway ke Afsar hotay hain?) All the government is the same. Police wala, custom wala etc etc are all corrupt lekin we are singled out. Yes it’s true that our system is totally destroyed, bankrupt and collapsed. But Yar, look at bijli, gas, telephone … (no not telephone, wo tho teek hogya), walas. So you see it’s not only us. Everybody is bad and it’s only fair that they get kicked in our backsides together and not us only. Insaf hona chahye.

And you know it is an international practice. Everybody takes commissions. It does no harm. It’s rubbish when people say that it’s more than 10%. it can’t be so high as 50%. It’s also a system. Why would politicians get elected if they didn’t have us to do their works? We need them as they need us. This keeps the balance and everybody happy. So you see itni Bari Baat nahin hai. And it isn’t immoral either because our intentions are pure and we do no harm to others.

The real problem is government funding. If we don’t get funds then how can we run the department. Corruption causes only a little loss (how can you quantify it?), so government should make it up for railways like it does for every other department. Why discriminate against railways? It’s really unfair you know.

So I’ve disclosed my heart’s secrets. Don’t look at us in a bad way. We aren’t that bad and it isn’t our fault. In fact we know our jobs really well and are good professionals too. And if people really want to change things why don’t they increase our salaries ? We are only a thousand among eighty five thousand !

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