Harmony, Chaos and the Chief Administrator.


“The Chief Administrator expressed his disagreement over the committee suggestion that government should appoint the Seniormost Seniors and other key officials over BS-20 for at least three years as consecutive transfers on key posts were affecting the performance of railways. Chief Administrator while showing his reservation over the suggestion said that it would be difficult for him to establish a working relationship with officials over whom he does not have the authority to transfer or replace.”

These Akhbar walas are so unfair. They bring up such petty things to discuss. There are so many important problems in Railways that need our immediate attention, like how many DSs we should have, how to fix engines, arrangements for fuel, more Grade 21 posts (even 22 perhaps) etc etc. And now look at them focussing on non-issues diverting peoples attention from the real problems Railways faces.

I know no one will defend the attack on the opinion of the Chief Administrator, but as I have taken it upon myself to defend all what is good and right in Railways, I’ll give it a go. You see, in Railways, the chain of command is very clear. We are an organization built under the able guidance of Colonel Snickers who modelled us on a military plan. It has served us well since 1870 and it should do so till the next century as well. It’s time tested and proven. Here, we implement. We don’t question, inquire, or think that or this; or in other words we don’t and aren’t required to think at all. We just DO !

And that shows the importance of the Chief Administrator. He posts his best guys at the top who are willing to follow his able and wise guidance. This causes harmony in the ranks and all things go smoothly. Without this people start questioning and start giving their own opinions, and God forbid, start thinking for themselves. So you see, this is not a good thing in an organization that strives to avoid chaos and disharmony. I just wish people would start understanding Railways better and ask us  instead of listening to others who know nothing.


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