Postscript to our Very, Very Important meeting.

It was a very good meeting. After many intellectual discussions, deliberations and brainstorming by our esteemed colleagues under the able guidance of our Chief Administrator we decided to put new/latest data in the presentation given in 2007. You see in Railways you can never beat the old. It’s always superior and can never and shouldn’t be changed. The proof is that all our collective wisdom could not find a presentation better than the one given in 2007, which in turn was the same as the one given back in 2004, 2000, 1998, 1995, 1992, 1986, and so on. This glorious tradition stretches back to 1938 when the originating gora of NWR, Colonel Snickers, created this glorious organization. As such, we pay testament to the edicts of history and have made the same plans on the revitalization of Railways ever since then (changed data of course. We’re not that dumb as our seniormost senior often says after meeting the Chief Administrator. God knows what he means when he says that).

 Now we’re going back to Lahore to come back again in a day or two to do the mock-up meeting.


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