On Railway Saloons and Very, Very Important Meetings …

It’s a cold winter morning. Bari tand hai bahir. Islamabad is much colder than Lahore. Today we have all just arrived in Rawalpindi for a very, very important meeting that will decide the ultimate fate of our department. It is a meeting on how to conduct a meeting in the Presidency. As I said, it is very important.

In fact, it is part of the grand strategy under the able and visionary leadership of our seniormost senior and the Chief Administrator of Railways. This meeting will determine how to conduct a meeting in the Presidency. After this meeting another meeting will be held which will be a mock-up of the actual meeting. After the meeting to be held now, a sub- committee of ‘professionals’ will be created to conduct their own meeting on how to hold a meeting in the Presidency. After all this is done, we will hold a mock up meeting on the recommendations of the sub-committee. All the meetings and sub-committee meetings will be held in Islamabad and most of the participants will be coming from Lahore in their saloons as the Chief Administrator has a bad back these days. I hope you have understood this because I’ve forgotten the order of meetings and sub-committee meetings, but what are good stenos for ?

Which brings us to the topic of saloons and how important they are in Railways. You see, if we didn’t have these saloons how difficult it would be to hold these important meetings on fixing Railways ? Since trains are already moving between Lahore and Rawalpindi all the time and all you have to do is attach a saloon which has only two bedrooms, servant quarters (you need to eat too na), lounge, washrooms etc (but I don’t like mine these days because it has a smaller LCD TV than the last one). I was told by someone that it takes Rs.2.5 Lakh for a single saloon to move between Lahore and Rawalpindi but that’s rubbish I tell you because, you know, the train was going to come anyway so what’s the difference?

Now we are 15 officers and each of us have our own saloon and in really bad times we even share one saloon between two officers. So see how easy we are making it? And we get meals and refreshments free too, which reminds me I have to fix the junior there for not getting my servants dry fruits this time. Unforgivable. Three meetings multiplied by 15 plus food in Ministry etc. Just do the calculation how much we save for our department. Imagine those people who spend so much money coming in their cars and even by air!

(P.S. and we hardly get any TA/DA which is so little for senior officers I tell you)


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