How to be a Rail de Afsar .. (Advice to Faqira)

Nahin Ji, it isn’t so. Faqira, I think I need to give you some advice acquired over decades of selfless and dedicated service in Railways. On joining Rail, I was taught very quickly by my seniors the straight and narrow path of success, which also coincided with my abrupt and unexplainable transfer to Sukkur in the terrible, torturous summer of July 1979.

To be successful you have to have faith in Almighty Allah and accept the situation in life he has presented you with. There is little you can do change things and resisting is pointless. When in the next century or so when we all change then it will be easier. But until then you have to adapt to the circumstances or the consequences will be disastrous.

So I have learnt that it is better to follow the rules and regulations as interpreted by your respected seniors who have far more experience and wisdom acquired over decades of selfless and dedicated service. It is silly to assume that we have more knowledge than they have and they made this department so great, listened to whatever was told to them and resisted very little. Always listen to your seniormost senior, Chief Administrator, MNAs waghera waghera. So, believe me you me, always do as your told by beloved and respected superiors, always understand that law and rules are by nature flexible and open to interpretation (especially by your seniors and most of all politicians), that Railways is best run by just doing what has always been done and treat change with distrust, fear and apprehension. Inshallah, as my example shows, you will achieve the following things if you follow my prescription:

·         Always get a posting of your choice

·         Get a good bungalow even if it isn’t your turn by years

·         Always be respected and enjoy a good reputation among your peers and seniors as a balanced, competent Rail officer

·         Will always have enough money to give your kids a good education, marry then off extravagantly, keep your wife happy by giving her what your neighbors have (which she constantly reminds you of if she doesn’t).

·         Get promotions on time, excellent ACRs and not be superseded, ever.

·         Get foreign trips on priority.

·         Other numerous benefits.

So you see Faqira, it has always been this way and we aren’t World Bank consultants or Babus in the Finance or Planning ministry that we should come up with concrete proposals. We are not pen pushing Babus with fancy angrezi and their studies, but practical field wala people, who are always willing to sit pointlessly in our offices till late hours and run around like headless chickens in the field at odd hours for no apparent reason on the beck and call of superiors. Who are we to question decades of Rail wisdom by using our own creativity to come up with concrete proposals to improve Railways (especially to the Chief Administrator who already is an expert. Hint : look at his successful cinemas). What has always worked will always work. And this is the reason that those who don’t follow this prescription for success are no longer with us like the three chairmans, GMs and chotae officers here and there removed from their positions in the last 12 months alone.

(Shhhhh .. Pissssst  …. Never get too greedy and always cover your tracks).


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  1. very true & applicable upto some extent in IR also

  2. You’re comments are welcome here Rajendra !

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