First Clarification Please

People have been calling us bad names recently. I don’t like this. It isn’t fair really. I mean, queuing up us like ordinary people, and then calling us that word in front of everyone in the Supreme Court in front of the whole world to see and hear! How horrible. We’re not used to such things you see as we always remain hidden, so it’s very disturbing. I have so many weddings to attend these days and betaa is coming from England for his engagement. Can you imagine all the questions people will ask? After all those silly questions about the sinking ship of Railways (in Urdu) that we are asked the moment we say we’re Railway officers, we’ll also be asked about the irresponsible remarks of Chief Justice. It’s not fair I tell you. It’s so unfair.

We are just ordinary people with ordinary concerns. After all, just like everybody else, we have our needs. Is it too much ask to have a decent, ordinary house in Defense and have your children have a guzaare haal education in England or America? It’s not really fair, for that’s all we ask for and then we have to hear such rubbish and unjust stuff that gives us such a bad name in society. Imagine, my children will have to face embarrassing questions over how I got them their new GLI or why they go every day to college in their Abba’s sarkari car? I mean, for goodness sake, what’s the big deal?

Therefore, I think the record needs to be set straight. All these silly rumour mongers haven’t heard the whole side of the story after all. And none of them know what the ESTACODE and CSS and Engineering is all about.

It’s the officers that keep Railways on track. Without them everything would go haywire. Trains would spin off in other directions and buildings would fall. Officers are the cement that keeps the Railways together. We’re indispensable. The MBA and private corporate walas have no stakes. They don’t have to stay in this department forever. For them it’s just another job. We have to stay here till 60 and then after that in very, very important positions in our sister institutions like PRACS and RAILCOP. We’re really indispensable you know, but people just don’t know that. So all this rubbish talk here and there, and these news channels that are all competing for ratings shouldn’t be listened to. I mean don’t people have anything else to do that talk about other than Railways ? Farigh qom hai yar.

And what about those DMG walas and Ministers? I mean, they all come with questionable intentions and then we have to take all the flak ? Yes I know what’s going to be said that we all say yes to WHATEVER they say but what else can one do when you’re a bureaucrat in this country? How are we going to face these big shots and expect each and every one to face them? I mean, they’ll transfer us in a jiffy and then we’ll be in big trouble. This corruption thing is a non-issue too. I mean, we don’t do the big stuff lekin gar ka kharcha bhi thora bohat challana hota hain? We don’t really do much harm by doing it and we’re professionally sound and run things properly. It’s just those self-righteous people, who aren’t hard workers, kisi ka kaam ke bhi nahin hotain, and either too scared to do anything themselves ya chance nahin milta. You know, we don’t like such people and it’s not our fault either that they are sidelined except when some silly principled guy becomes minister or chairman.

I think it’s necessary to present our side of the story from time to time, you know. And I know others are too scared to do so because of the ESTACODE rubbish. So I’ll be writing off and on, you know, to makes things clearer as to why Railways is in such bad shape, and more importantly, why it’s not really our fault.


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